: Biophysical Society of Japan 48th Annual Meeting
Park Systems will be participating in Biophysical Society of Japan 48th Annual Meeting in Sendai, Japan. Come and learn about the XE-Bio, our powerful 3-in-1 research tool that combines the imaging capabilities of AFM, ICM, and optical microscopy for the ultimate in non-invasive in-liquid imaging. The XE-Bio features Ion Conductance Microscopy (ICM) and the industry’s only True Non-Contact AFM on the same inverted optical microscope platform, all with a modular design that allows for easy switching between AFM and ICM. The XE-Bio is ideal for imaging living cells and other biological samples in dynamic conditions, and can be adapted to probe a host of powerful applications in nanoscale electrophysiology. See the latest innovation in live cell imaging and learn about non-invasive, high resolution, in-liquid imaging technique for live cells.
Sep 09~
10, 2010
Diskcon USA 2010
Sep 27~
29, 2010
The Japan Society for Precision Engineering 2010 Autumn Meeting

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